Our Quality

To consistently maintain, deliver and continually improve the quality of the products and services to meet  customers’ satisfaction and requirement.

We strive to achieve the quality policy by practicing the following quality objectives:

Understand our customers’ requirements and ensuring that they are fulfilled

√  Plan and act cohesively in all our business activities

√  Focus on continual Quality Improvement through implementation of ISO 9002 Quality Management System

√  Adopt the concept of prevention, by Doing It Right First Time, Every Time

√  Strive to continually develop, improve and maintain our resources in order to respond to the changing market demand

√  Teamwork is the essence of success

In achieving the above quality objectives, the following quantitative targets have been set :

Prompt, efficient and quality engineering services to achieve zero customer complaints

To achieve the following Repair Turn-around Time :

      • • 40% of items sent in to be repaired within 10 calendar days

      • • 60% of items sent in to be repaired within 20 calendar days

      • • 100% of items sent in to be repaired within 45 calendar days

To achieve quality of repair works such that the returned work due to unsatisfactory repair during the repair warranty period is less than 3%

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